How Peter & Paul ‘PSquare’ Celebrate Their Elder Brother, Jude Okoye Via Birthday Message


Although their rifts and differences have been settled, but from the birthday message Jude Okoye got from Peter and Paul, it shows Paul is still very much ‘Loyal’ to his elder brother.

Jude Okoye who was the former manager of PSquare turned plus one today, April 24, 2016 and his brothers gave him a special shout out on photo sharing platform, Instagram.

According to Peter’s message, he reached out to Jude in a precise manner, “Happy super birthday to the one and only @judeengees remain blessed bro and LLNP🎂🎂🎂🎂👍🏾🍾🍾🍾”

While Paul’s message contains all the vitamins needed to celebrate a good brother on social media. “Happy Big Birthday to @judeengees ,a big brother, a big boss and the best manager😎👍👌…”

Paul didn’t stop there, he further praised his great contributions towards the development of PSquare-brand, he said; “always there at da beginning till date, guiding and directing us, from nothing till we became something, from nobody till we became somebody, may God continue to protect you bro🙏 like we always say, you re the Psquare people don’t know, because you always work behind the stage😎 have blast🎉🎂🍻 Blood 😎❤️”

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