D’banj Hasn’t Paid Me For Producing ‘Emergency’ – Producer P-Loops


So I’m sure by now you’ve heard the hit single, Emergency by Dbanj. Did you notice something strange on the cover, and official press? Well if you were observant you might have noticed there were no productions credits. Well the song was produced by rising producer, P-Loops, and he has come out to say that he hasn’t received compensation for the song. He also added that the song was not meant for Dbanj, and he only found out Dbanj recorded on it after it was released.
Per PulseNG, the producer said
“I just wanted to make something that was Afro, full-time Afro Pop. I wanted to sound like the old school Fela kind of thing. It was coming in my head, and it kept on ringing, and I knew it was what I wanted to do.”
“I was in shock when I heard the next morning that the song was out. I didn’t record with D’banj, I think Olu [Maintain] sent the beat to him, and he recorded. There was no credit at all, no credit on the promo copy, there was no credit online, no credit whatsoever.

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